About Kennedy Law

Kennedy Law is an accomplished law firm that specializes in estate planning, elder law, personal injury, and small business law. We personally commit to our clients’ needs through the entire legal process by offering our credible judgment and guidance. Whether you’re dealing with wills and trusts or a complex business transaction, Rachael Kennedy will be there to support you with personalized, efficient legal solutions.

Areas of Expertise: Life and Estate Planning and Elder Law

Wills and estate planning involve planning for one’s death and indicating who will receive assets and who will manage all arrangements after one’s death. It is important to keep updating a will with an attorney based on your wishes because beneficiary designations can take priority over wills.

What My Clients Say

Hi Rachael – I wanted to send a quick thank you note to you and express my appreciation for your help in this case. You did a fantastic job of disarming drama in a legal situation! It’s so important to me to approach conflict (like this case presented) with logic, not emotion, and we did that together…and the outcome was perfect. Thank you!

Rachael – I really didn’t know what to expect…I feel fortunate to have landed in the right spot with you as my attorney. You did a great job setting boundaries, managing expectations, and holding other parties to their contractual obligations.

Rachael – You’ve been so helpful to me! I’ve worked with several attorneys, and they’ve all been great – though there’s something about you that struck me as wonderfully unique. You’re obviously devoted to what you do and more than competent in your field. Your devotion to me as a person, however, is what I found to be outstanding. I appreciate how you aggressively handled my litigation without sacrificing your compassionate nature. Thank you so much!

Grateful to Ms. Kennedy and her team. They helped me handle a crazy Guardian case.

Rachael was very personable and listened to me during our consultation. She understood the complexity of my divorce and handled each step in a way that allowed me to remain no contact with my spouse during the divorce. The divorce was quick! I felt supported by her staff and comfortable reaching out with questions. The process was simple on my end. I appreciate her helping me to get my life back through this divorce.

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