Rachael Kennedy has practiced law in the Columbia area since 1998. Rachael opened her solo practice in 2001. Born and raised in Manhattan, Kansas, Rachael received her undergraduate degree at the University of Kansas and completed her law degree at the University of Missouri School of Law in 1997. After work, Rachael enjoys being outside, watching her children at their sports or music, scuba diving with her husband of 30+ years, volunteering with her church group, reading, and knitting.

Why Rachael Practices Law

Rachael has always had a desire to help clients prepare for different stages of life and avoid the drama that can ensue from failing to prepare. There can be a lot of tension among family members upon one’s death and Rachael has a skill for untying those knots and helping clients get through the process more smoothly. Rachael has a tender heart for clients who are dealing with parents struggling with dementia and who need to make hard decisions regarding various life and financial situations. Additionally, Rachael knows how to help clients plan and protect their assets now so they won’t all be funneled into nursing home bills later. Life and estate planning is a complex area that we all must encounter at some point in life, and Rachael wants to aid others in the process of understanding and navigating the law.

More Than 25 Years of Legal Experience

Rachael’s experience, combined with her sensitive, intuitive nature, allows her to understand her clients’ experiences in a way that makes the entire legal process more manageable. She helps her clients predict what might happen next and gives them some sense of control during a difficult time. Rachael recognizes that legal issues are not confined to a lawyer’s office or the courtroom – they reach into all of life – and therefore, she helps address and sooth that far-reaching impact.